mixxCollection with Justine at the SF Botanical Gardens

I was super excited for this shoot because it’s the first time I was shooting for a clothing designer! mixxCollection is based in the Bay Area and is a contemporary design/apparel company. Tonya is the founding designer who designs small collections and one of a kind garments for ladies of all shapes and sizes.  Besides her online web store, her designs can also be found at Chloe Urban Chic in Union City and Urban Stich in Oakland. This blue Vita poncho hoodie is so adorable! The bracelet is also one of her designs.

Before heading into GGP I picked up my model Justine and we went to Liann’s studio in the Bayview area to get her makeup done. I absolutely love working with a professional MUA and Liann is one of the best for her creativity and ability to work with hair too. Below Justine is wearing the Donya top with a pretty leopard spot print.

What I love about Tonya’s designs is her skill with prints and draping. Her clothing is urban, modern and best of all comfortable! Justine is wearing the Julietta dress below.

This last image she is wearing the Gina pants and again Tonya’s designs are so flattering to many body types. Her jewelry too is so modern yet with a fabulous tribal feel, j’adore!

Though this shoot took a lot of coordination and timing on my part (none of these ladies had ever worked with each other before, including myself), but so worth it in the end. I would work with all three of these fine women again in a heartbeat!



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