Alison on Baker Beach – feels like summer in November!


Today I was shooting for my “Glitter” theme with Alison on Baker Beach in San Francisco. The beach was packed with people because it was a gorgeous 80 degrees out in the sunshine and the water was refreshing to say the least. Anne LaPorte came through for me when my original MUA canceled and she helped create this gorgeous glittery eye and shimmer on the lip.I loved this flowy tulle skirt and Alison had a lot of fun in the waves and around the rocks at the far end of the beach.

She is a very inspiring model to work with as she continues to move and create new poses wherever she is. 

It can be tricky working in such direct constant sunlight, and so we moved up onto the cliff area into the shade to try a couple more looks out. This 30’s inspired look was so cute!This final look I thought was so pretty and feminine. She gives such a lovely graceful feel to all her poses.I had so many different looks poses to choose from, it’s so hard to pick my favorite!



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