Street Fashion with JEM

For my “Street fashion” theme I met up with JEM in the Chinatown/Northbeach area in San Francisco inside the Jack Kerouac Alley about an hour before sunset. JEM is a traveling working full time model who I had an amazing time photographing. She showed up with makeup done, and outfits to wear and we just got straight away to shooting. The light was so nice and golden that I only needed a fill flash to brighten up the shadows and make her eyes pop.

Chinatown is so busy and filled with people anytime of day that I had to time it just right to get her out in the street with no cars. She was game to jump off and on the curb so I could get this shot with the lanterns above her.

This next outfit below was my favorite with those amazing shoes! JEM knows how to position her body and use her long limbs to create interesting angles and shapes. It was such a pleasure to shoot with her and I hardly had to direct her. I was working hard to keep up with her at times! The late afternoon light came in at a low angle at the base of the TransAmerica building and I loved the geometric shapes so much. I got down really low to get the ceiling in the shot.
Most of the paid work JEM does is more “fine-arts” with nudes, or implied and so it was a change of pace for her to work with normal clothes in her own hometown, but thankfully the timing worked out and the image above is one of my all-time favs!




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