China Beach with Erika

Another shoot for my “Glitter” theme was on China Beach in San Francisco with Erika. Alexis of CV Stylings was the MUA for this look and she created a dark and dramatic eye with sparkles along with a really shiny lip that just went so well with her fire-engine red hair!I am always guilty of over-styling my shoots, but I wanted that extra bit of glitter to really make the shots pop. This outfit makes her look like “Ariel” and the golden light was so pretty on her!This tight dress worked really nicely and showed all her curves to their best advantage. I wish in hindsight that I’d asked her to get right into the water in this outfit and really let loose, but since I never push my models to do anything they aren’t comfortable with I didn’t say anything. Her other outfit with the blue skirt she got more adventurous and right down onto the sand, but I wasn’t happy with how I shot most of those images so this is the closest to my vision.

For this next outfit the sun was getting low in the sky and even more orange. I liked how she worked with the rocks, but she needed a lot of direction to get the angles just right.I wanted to capture her flipping her hair, and this shot is one of my favs of the whole shoot. 

Erika is not a conventional high-fashion model, her body type being better suited for commercial or TV, but she has a strong personality and took direction well. That beach was amazing and I will definitely go back again, its much easier to access than Baker Beach and has almost the exact same feel, minus the naked old men!


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