Junior Fall fashion with Ilana

For my “Fall” theme Ilana contacted me to schedule a shoot and I worked with her mom on the details of when, where and what her lovely young daughter would wear. Ilana is the youngest model I’ve ever worked with (17 years old), and her skin of course was amazing. We were lucky that Katie from Fashion Plate Faces was available for this shoot and she created two looks for us.

The first was very soft in pinks and browns that went with the fall color choices of the wardrobe and was age appropriate. Ilana is energetic and climbed up into this tree for me, creating some interesting lines with her body. She took direction really well as far as her posing went, but it was her facial expressions I worked with her on the most. This next look was super cute and I love the look on her face above, she’s definitely thinking of something while working that dress!
This next look she is wearing a long wool coat that I don’t think really went with the dress, but I had her throw leaves into the air and try and work the coat while she did. If she had leggings on it would probably make more sense.For this last look we had Katie create a bright lip and tie up her hair in a loose chignon. I love the dream look on her face and the pose is graceful. It was a fun experience working with a model so fresh and new, and I’m sure she’ll go far!


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