Harajuku meets San Francisco with Khristina Krunk

I have always wanted to shoot in the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco because the flooring has such an amazing geometric pattern along with the architecture from the surrounding buildings. My schedule magically matched up with Khristina Krunk’s on a slightly overcast Sunday and I met up with her at Justin Herman Plaza. She had warned me that a film crew was going to be following her around for a special edition on traveling models so I knew I had to move really fast through the center since we did not have a photo permit.Khristina came prepared with her own adorable wardrobe, and had her hair and makeup all ready applied and styled. Love that! We started walking up The Tulip sculpture walkway created by architect and sculptor John C. Portman, Jr. While I was shooting the news crew was also filming at the same time and of course that attracted the attention of the security guards. I had only approx 5 min worth of images before we all had to leave.It’s not the easiest sculpture to include when you are also focusing on a model. I needed more practice before attempting this shoot, but I love a challenge! Fortunately I knew of an awesome sculpture on the Embarcadero on the other side of the Ferry Building so we headed over there (film crew still stalking us).This sculpture is called “Soma” by the Flaming Lotus Girls which you can view until August 2015 and it’s meant to mimic neuron connections. I love love love it so much. You aren’t supposed to get up on the platform, but I always shoot first, ask permission later.We only shot for maybe 40 minutes total and the overcast cloudy day was starting to become strong full sun so I got what I wanted fast. Khristina is a wonderful model to work with, so easy to direct and really knows her body. She is definitely “alternative” in her style but it worked so well in San Francisco! I cannot wait to shoot again around here, and this time I will be more covert when shooting in the Embarcadero Center so as not to attract attention. Obtaining a photo permit is not that hard, but since this is a personal project I don’t have the budget to shell out $100-$200 every time I want to shoot somewhere. Maybe someday……


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