Old Borges Ranch with Kenya

I wanted to do another fashion shoot on a rustic location and found Old Borges Ranch in Walnut Creek as the perfect location. Leigh, a makeup artist I’ve worked with previously met the model Kenya and I on site to do her look. What I love the most about Leigh is her ability to set up anywhere as well as her being able to put looks together very quickly. Time is always of the essence when shooting outdoors because the light changes rapidly in the afternoons. We started with a more casual look and I just loved having the ranch for the setting. It really fit with a fall theme to have this setting with rusty machinery, beautiful buildings and the sun shining brightly.Here I do have my flash disc on camera to brighten up the shadows and I like her relaxed pose here next to the prickly cactus!
For the second look below she had a cute skirt and top ensemble that I added my black felt hat to. I really like having props for the models to wear or play with while they work so that they don’t get stuck doing the same poses over and over again.For this next shot I had her near the rusty tractor and she was striking many good poses with lots of angles and attitude. I think the background is probably blown out, but easily fixed.The light was really fading by the time we got to the third look, and so we just rushed around to a few more spots in the ranch. This ranch is a popular spot for photographers to shoot family portraits, and engagement sessions because its a beautiful background, free admission, and you don’t need a permit to shoot here. There is the added bonus of live farm animals for the kids to see as well. I will definitely be back in the Spring to shoot again!


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