Street Fashion with Asiiaa

I met up with Asiiaa on a late Friday afternoon for a street fashion shoot. We started out at the Transamerica Building downtown and I had already scoped out there was a “pocket park” with 80 redwood trees that I wanted to shoot in.It was much darker in the park than I anticipated, but I made the most of it.We then walked around to the other side where I knew the ceiling and floor would create really interesting lines. Her outfit was a little too casual for this space, but I wanted to practice shooting here so it was fine.We then moved west into the Northbeach/Chinatown area and I loved this side street. So colorful and now her outfit really fits with the scene! Urban glam with a bright color palette.Because we had a late start the light was fading quickly. Here she is on Grant St. in Chinatown and I couldn’t quite get those lanterns in clear enough with the light level I was dealing with (I had my aperture open pretty wide). I will always open up the aperture before increasing the ISO. Shooting at a higher ISO creates more “noise” and though it doesn’t bother some people it does to me. I was using a flash on my camera with a reflector disc for fill, and I really like it. The disk is called a Flash Disc made by Fstoppers. It folds up really tiny and has a great spread for the light. It does exactly what I want when I need it on camera and shooting covert-style (continuously moving).

Overall another good experience shooting quickly in a street environment, and as I continue to improve I gain more confidence with models.


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