Harajuku meets San Francisco Take II with Kristina Chen

For my second attempt at the “Harajuku meets San Francisco” fashion theme I had Kristina Chen as my model and we went to the makeup artist Li Ann’s studio in Bayview to get her look done. Li Ann has a thriving bridal makeup and hair business and she graciously accepted another trade with me for images for her portfolio. 15931556222_4c301f84ae_zShe created this soft smokey eye with coral pink lips that I really liked. Had drama and femininity to it. This was the first time I supplied all wardrobe and styling for my shoot and I had a blast. This blue dress I had gotten in Japan the year before and I knew I wanted these adorable kitten tights to go with it. So Tokyo!  As you can see from the floor we are in the Embarcadero Center and we moved very quickly through it so as not to attract attention. We just looked like tourists 😉 This second look is very dramatic and punk with that blond-pink wig and crazy rose tights. The sweater was a little big, but that’s the style in Japan so it worked. She is holding her own cute Hello Kitty bag and it works so well with those hot pink sneakers!I really wanted a shot from above to get that cool floor in and I like how it looked, just a little underwhelmed by the pose.This last look is super cute and there are lines going every which way from her t-shirt, to the skirt, to the beautiful neuron “Soma” sculpture on the Embarcadero. Another wig and I darkened her lips for a more dramatic effect. There was a lot of coordination and planning that had to happen to get this shoot going and I am so happy that I was able to pull these three looks together and thanks to Li Ann the makeup was flawless. Kristina was a real trooper for having her hair teased and curled then flattened by wigs before having to go to work! Thank you to both ladies for making my last shoot of November so memorable 🙂


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