Studio Lighting Workshop with Ulorin Vex

This past Monday I attended a workshop to get more experience with setting up lighting in a studio and playing around with gels. It was a great refresher for me about how to shape light indoors with using 1, 2 and 3+ strobes along with modifiers. We actually were using Speedlites (with wireless and optical triggers) which was so great because that’s what I’ve invested in (580EX II’s for Canon) and I have loved using them as fill flash on locations outdoors, but have yet to play with them indoors. We met up at Heartwave Media in Oakland where Basil (Director of Photography) instructed us in how to set up a speedlite on a beauty dish for a main light, and then another speedlite with a gel and snoot to color the white paper back drop. The model hired for the evening was the beautiful and exotic Ulorin Vex whose work is so avante-garde and inspiring. Her first outfit was this sexy latex bodysuit that exactly matched her bright orange hair. Basil put a deep purple gel on the speedlite hitting the backdrop and it really makes her pop out and is so flattering. I believe here there is a small softbox on the front speedlite creating a soft effect on her skin.For this next image we went with a lime green gel, but I’ve pumped up the green in post-process to make it a real contrast against the orange and black. She looks like a super-villain! Basil also added in a rim light coming from above (no gel) to create that white line on her left arm and hair which helps to pop her out from the background.We had done a few different lighting set-ups with the latex outfit and Ulorin mentioned she had another dress she could put on to change up the shoot. This pretty aqua “cupcake” dress was so girly and different than her usual look! Basil added a red gel to the rim light this time creating that pretty magenta line on her back and left arm. In Lightroom I changed her hair color from that bright orange to a hot pink to make the overall look fit the “girly” aesthetic which I am liking a lot, but I feel I need to take some magenta out of her skin tone still as she’s a little too pink for me. Overall, the workshop was worth the time and I loved working with such an experienced model!  I highly recommend for photographers looking to building their skill to sign up with Meetup groups like the Bay Area Modeling and Photography group or The Lighthouse  group which host and organize hands on workshops. You gain so much knowledge in such a short amount of time, and for a very reasonable price. I cannot wait to get started working in my own home studio now I am feeling inspired and motivated to add to my portfolio!



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