Sunset on Alameda Beach with Nathifa

My second attempt at shooting at sunset on Alameda Beach went really well with Nathifa this past Saturday. I used a speedlite flash unit with the Round Flash pop-up beauty dish on a light stand. The light is more specular (it has silver inside the reflector) and shows more details, but I am still loving the look. The above shot was around 4:00pm and the sun was still pretty high in the air. A lot of my images had lens flair (which I didn’t notice until I was editing images on my computer screen) even with a lens cap because of the angle I was shooting at. Her legs are a little too dark for me, but the reflector is only 18″ in diameter and the light didn’t reach. Here I shot around 5pm and I have positioned her head directly in front of the sun. I am loving the color contrast and also how the ends of her hair are lit up. The time is approx 5:30pm and the light is so intensely orange at this point. I could probably lighten up her hair a bit more in post, but the overall exposure seems to be balanced. Again, the colors from the sky and her dress are working so well together. The above was shot with a wider aperture and higher ISO to capture the fading sunlight without a flash. I love how soft and dreamy this makes the image and her expression here is spot on. The time is almost 6pm and the sun has gone behind the hills. The natural fading sunlight is very pretty and no need for a flash at this higher ISO and wide aperture. This was a great second attempt at shooting at sunset and I even applied some makeup on Nathifa’s eyes and lips! I would always prefer to work with a professional makeup artist, but having one available for every shoot is just not possible. I am looking forward to my third sunset shoot in March with Asha!


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