High Fashion Head Shots for Alison

Back in November I had an amazing ocean theme shoot with Alison on Baker Beach and she contacted me a couple weeks ago wanting to collaborate on a high fashion head shot for her portfolio. This past Sunday I met up with her and the talented makeup artist Leigh at her house and we used this board for inspiration. Alison also was interested in a few fitness themed shots so we started with minimal “natural” looking makeup and went outside.The sun was still really hot and directly above so I had my flash unit for a front fill. I love that I got both her feet off the ground in mid-run.Here we are in the shade and I have the beauty dish positioned to the left of her. I wish I’d gotten a close up of the “natural” makeup that Leigh did, it was so pretty!
For the “high fashion” look Leigh created this exaggerated cat-eye and Alison pumped up the volume in her hair with big curls. Her navy blue dress with gold belt was so modern and was a great contrast to her “70’s” look. The above shot was alongside the house and the time was around 4:30 p.m. The red brick wall really made her stand out from the ivory of the wall and bright white sky. My beauty dish is on a stand far to her left helping to fill in the shadows.We moved inside and used the golden light coming in from the West facing window. This is a very relaxed natural pose which I adore, though it doesn’t match the drama of her eyes. I have my flash on her left side again filling in some shadows.The above shot is probably my favorite “head shot” and I love her expression, the styling is so pretty and the light is how I envisioned it. Really happy with this one!The time is now 5:00 p.m. and sun is about to disappear below the hills. We are outside on her balcony and using only the natural light. Her eyes are very sensitive to the light which caused her to “squinch” her forehead in a lot of images, but this one I liked the best. I don’t think this would be used as a head shot, but I like it anyways.

Another wonderful session with the talented Alison and as I continue to gain experience using my speed lite flash I am more confident and efficient as a photographer. I am looking forward to the weekend where I have a Valentine’s theme and my very first indoor shoot in my converted garage “studio!”


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