Flickr Friday: Rain

Getting back into regular blog posts after a long time and I thought I’d start it off with some Flickr images I’ve found to celebrate this wonderful rain we Californians are finally receiving. Though cameras and water are never a good combination that didn’t stop these brave photogs from heading outside to capture the images below.First up is this self portrait by hilaryment who has a cool collection of levitation images. Really though her whole photo stream is pretty inspiring for anyone interested in whimsical photos.

Above is another whimsical levitation shot by yu hara whose photo stream consists mainly of architecture and…. cats! I just love the soft focus through a rainy window and the effect is so dreamy. Titled “Rain” by Yuki Tseng. Definitely check out her beautiful photo stream filled with fashion models.This image is also titled “Rain” and was shot by Noelle Buske who seems to specialize in shooting self portraits, and the younger generation in the outdoors with soft gold and blue palettes. The image above cracked me up and I had to include it. Titled “She wears her heart on her sleeve, but she wonders if the rain could wash it away.” shot by SaylaMarz whose stream is a mix of people, travel, and fitness. A classic levitation pose above, but I loved the wet slick looking surface of the pavement and combined with the soft grainy light it seems like a still from someone’s dream. Titled “Levitation” this was taken by gracedvornik

Happy rainy Friday everyone!


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