Be My Valentine – shoot with Jocelyn

I found a tutorial for a “no-sew” tulle skirt and dreamed up this theme a couple weeks ago. My vision was to have a fluffy pink tulle skirt on a pretty model in the Botanical Gardens and with the help of Jocelyn and Leigh it came true last Saturday.There was a break in the rain and though it was still windy and overcast we made our way over to the Botanical Gardens where I knew the magnolias were in full bloom. They have so many different varieties and the scent was so wonderful.The image above she is standing in front of white heather in full bloom, it almost looks like snow.Not only are the magnolias in bloom, but so are the camellias. We went into the Chinese Moon Garden where many varieties were on display.The skirt took almost 40 yards of tulle strips and it was a lot of fun to find different backgrounds for her to pose in. What I love most about Leigh is her ability to set up anywhere and even though the light was definitely fading around 4:30pm I really wanted to shoot this black sequin dress.I have an on-camera flash with flash disc reflector as there is not much ambient light at this time. I love the drama of this makeup it just goes so well with the sequin cocktail dress.  The back of this dress is my favorite with the see-through lace, so sexy!This fountain had such cool colors, but the light was pretty much gone, so a lot of images turned out darker than I wanted. This was a really fun shoot, and I am so happy that it came together! In fact it went so well that I will be shooting the pink tulle skirt one more time before V-Day to get more mileage out of it.


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