Love in the Garden with VisionAiry Balloons

I had scheduled a model for another photo session with my pink tulle skirt for a Valentine’s theme, and two days before the shoot she canceled citing “she had a fever”. Fortunately there was another model who had expressed interest and after a few text messages back and forth we decided on a time and location. The day of our shoot with approx two hours before we were to meet up she also canceled on me citing “family emergency.” Needless to say I was pissed and frustrated at the waste of my time and also the effort that my friend Lea Beck of VisionAiry Balloons had put in to make some adorable balloon props. I texted Lea expressing my annoyance and she promptly replied that she would check with a couple friends of hers to see if any were available. Unfortunately though due to such short notice none were able to make it, but then Lea said she would model for me and all was golden again.

I had originally wanted to go to the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco, but since time was limited we went up to the Tilden Botanical Gardens instead. The late afternoon sun light was still coming through the clouds and with the help of my on camera flash we had plenty of time to play with the props and get some fun images.

These pink and white chrysanthemum flowers Lea twisted are so perfect for the month of February where this year Chinese New Year starts on the 19th. In Ancient Chinese culture, chrysanthemum was said to symbolize nobility and elegance. I think Lea looks very regal don’t you?

With this next look we went a more traditional route with tying red heart balloons into the skirt to make it more sweet and really say “Valentine’s”

Lea had also made this beautiful big red heart that I wanted to highlight. That sculpture took her a lot of time to twist and I thought it turned out so well.

The park closes at 5pm in the winter months and so we played around for the last 20 minutes in the cactus garden. We were cracking ourselves up with creating cliche titles for the images and tossing the heart around. There’s something dangerous feeling about having a balloon near such sharp needles that really worked with her bright red dress…..I may need to come back again and play around with this concept in further detail.

I cannot thank Lea Beck enough for saving the day and coming out with me at the last possible second to squeeze in another session with this skirt. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all the lovers out there!


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  1. Reblogged this on PLUGO arts and commented:
    Not only was I fortunate enough to witness the creation of that Faberge Heart (an exceedingly complex process she made look effortless) I was gifted with the first of her Balloon Chrysanthemum. The perks for behind-the-scenes access, also clued me in on the impromptu modeling session which left me excited to see the debut of these images. No doubt there are still more gems to unveil. The Beck + Radcliffe creative team is a dynamo wait to be discovered!

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