Pantone’s Color of the Year “Marsala” photo shoot with Bhargavi

I have been dreaming of a “Marsala” Pantone Color of the Year themed beauty shoot for awhile and with the help of model Bhargavi and MUA Leigh it all came together one rainy day in my own home studio. We used this board for inspiration and with makeup, speedlite flashes and gels created an homage to Marsala.15900391963_41ceebcf07_z

It took a couple days to get the wall torn down that was built in the garage and to clean it all out. I would eventually like to pull out the 6′ x 9′ platform that is in there, but it was enough space to put up a 6′ backdrop and some light stands. It was my first time shooting in there and a lot of experimentation on the fly combined with a “make it work” attitude.

Because of the tight space I had to work in I framed only head shot and half body. At first I had Bhargavi sitting, but realized that she could give more poses by standing, even if they were cropped in tight.

Later as I saw the images on my computer screen I realized the back ground light with colored gel was spilling too much on the model’s hair. I really do need to practice more in that space and figure out the best ideal lighting situation. I am really excited at the opportunities and possibilities that can happen with shooting in a studio, and am looking forward to another beauty shoot at the end of the month!


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