I love art and inspiring design. Nothing makes me feel happier than finding a unique photographer, artist, fellow blogger or designer and then writing about them.

I am always looking to challenge myself and have fallen in love with fashion photography. If there is an idea you are dreaming of that you’d like to make reality please message me. I am always ready to hear new concepts.

I love my monthly subscription of Vogue and have always been drawn to fantasy, avant garde, surreal and highly imaginative photo projects. It’s been so wonderful to work with models who want to make my visions come alive on film.

When I shoot a portrait I try to create a mood, an emotion, or a feeling in that moment. I find the interaction I have with you has a lot to do with how you appear in the final image. Nothing leaves me more satisfied than knowing I’ve captured you at your best.

Inspiration for me comes from many places. Sometimes a particular flower or feather has a lovely shape or line that I want to highlight or showcase. Often I am inspired by color combinations and keep in mind what is on trend for the season or what might be appropriate for a particular event. I love all the wonderful fine art museums in the Bay Area and to be able to see amazing artists on a regular basis helps keep my mind open and thinking about how to push myself further.

I started learning Ikebana, a Japanese stye of floral design from a private instructor when I was 16. Later after high school I was trained as a floral designer for 2 years at San Mateo City College, and then went straight into the business for another 5 years. I learn through experimentation, trial and error, and by looking at examples of vintage hats.

I enjoy selling at craft fairs and seeing how people respond to my work very much. It is a lot of work, but I find that when a person can touch, see and try on a piece it is easier for them to see themselves enjoying it, rather than browsing through a photo catalog online. I also enjoy finding new materials to work with and just playing with them to see what works; the design process is very important to me. An important part of my business is researching where I get my supplies because I prefer to shop local whenever possible, and also to find organic and/or cruelty-free farms for my feathers.

My normal 9-5 job is with a non-profit organization, and my day is filled with energy efficiency, the environment, and is 100% done with a computer. Not much room for creativity or imagination so I find that having this outlet of craft, photography, and art is how I stay sane. Alternatively, I know that pursuing a hobby as a full-time job can sometimes take the joy and interest out of it. Finding that balance in my life is so important and trying new ventures is the only way to get there.



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