DIY Halloween Costumes for Women

With Halloween just a week away, and most parties happening on the weekend before that its time to start thinking of what to wear. So many costumes for women are of the “slutty” variety (see last year’s post ), but I’ve found some that seem easy to pull together and creatively are more interesting than looking up a skirt and down cleavage….

Have an old wedding dress lying around your closet? Put it on with some fun body paint and be the Corpse Bride! Or Zombie bride, or Day of the Dead bride….so much can be done with a little paint to transform yourself.

Don’t want to get decked out in a dress? Try painting a skeleton onto some black clothes combined with face paint! Quick, easy and damn you look skinny now!

Not into painting? Well how about that vintage dress you’ve had hanging in your closet forever? Pair it with some great vintage accessories (tea hat, gloves, purse) and presto! You have a Mad Men inspired costume.

Too plain? Take it a step further and put a bird on it! Nothing spookier than Alfred Hitchcocks’ “The Birds”

Not a girly-girl? I am loving this tutorial on how to build your own bat wings from an umbrella here

 I bet if you dig real deep in your closet you may come up with a “Rosie the Riveter” outift

For more inspiration on raiding your closet for DIY costume ideas I am loving The Coveted’s daily blog postings here

Whatever ideas you come up with, I am sure they will be so much more interesting and creative than this, or this, or this monstrosity here

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